Q: Do I still need to see my Primary Care Physician?

Patients with insurance typically retain their own Primary Care Physician, while others prefer to see our physician for most of their issues. Dr Rebecca Hunton does not maintain hospital privileges and is unable to provide treatment in a hospital setting.

Q: I see a Nutritionist. Why do you recommend I consult with a Nutrition Specialist at your office?

Nutrition is a critical part of your treatment plan. We perform extensive testing of your nutritional status and our Nutrition Specialist is skilled at evaluating your needs based on your individual metabolic demands. This is quite different from how most nutritionists practice. Medical nutrition can be quite complex. We may recommend you follow up with our nutrition specialist for complicated conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disease or food allergies.

Q: Do I have to see the physician in person for my medical consultation?

Yes. The State of Florida and the doctor’s medical license require a face to face evaluation in order to provide an initial treatment plan. However, follow-up appointments can be arranged by phone, video conferencing or in the office.

Q: Does insurance pay for my evaluation and treatment?  

Radiantly Healthy, MD does not accept insurance or Medicare. We do not file insurance claims on your behalf and we do not assist with claim resolution. However, we will provide a super bill or a detailed receipt of services performed for you to submit to your insurance carriers. We expect payment in full by check, cash or credit card due at the time services are provided.

Q: Where are bio-identical hormones made?

Bio-identical hormones are typically formulated in a compounding pharmacy. There are many compounding pharmacies; however we have a trusted network to ensure the safety and quality of your compounded prescriptions. Our preferred compounding pharmacies are Specialty Pharmacy, Hobbs Pharmacy, West Cocoa Pharmacy and Suntree Pharmacy. In addition, we will often use reputable national pharmacies when needed. Compounding pharmacists have the necessary training to properly create unique formulas specific for the individual person.


Q: Why do I need hormone replacement?

A decline in hormones is proven to accelerate the aging process. As we age, hormonal imbalances are unavoidable. We feel that most individuals, regardless of their apparent level of overall health would benefit greatly with gentle and managed hormone replacement. We can determine your need for hormone replacement through an evaluation of symptoms and laboratory testing. Each individual hormone plays numerous vital roles in the body and it’s necessary for optimal functioning that your body receive the appropriate amount. If the body cannot produce hormones in a natural state, we will assist with supplementation (replacement). Below are a couple of examples of hormones and the roles they play.

  • Estradiol (estrogen) has over 400 functions in the body.. Estrogen replacement in women improves changes in memory, mood, skin tone, body fat percentage, bone density, energy levels, sex drive, inflammation and even pain threshold.
  • Testosterone replacement in men improves mood, self-confidence, body fat percentage, sex drive and decreases risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease.

Q: Are Bio-Identical hormones safer?

The safety of bio-identical hormones is a controversial topic. Any change in the chemical structure of hormones or other chemical messengers in our bodies will consequently alter the function and metabolism of that particular messenger. That variation in structure profoundly effects how our body will respond to that messenger because it is suddenly forced to deal with a chemical agent that it was not designed to recognize. There are many inherent problems when this occurs. That’s why we use hormones that are bio-identical (same molecular structure as a substance produced in the body).  There are many other factors that enter into the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement: route of administration (oral, injection and skin), nutritional status, pre-existing medical conditions and age of the individual. These factors are taken into consideration when prescribing the appropriate dosage for you.

Q: What type of testing do you offer that is not typically done at my regular doctor’s office?  

  • Advanced cardiovascular testing searches for special chemical markers in our bodies that will detect earlier risk
  • Hormone levels: Estradiol (Estrogen), Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA-S, Thyroid hormones, Insulin, Cortisol, Pregnenolone, Total Estrogens and Growth Hormone. Hormone testing is customized to the individual’s needs and desires.
  • Genetic testing reveals your unique genetic design that may predispose you to certain conditions.
  • Specialized nutritional testing evaluates your body’s ability to carry its vital functions.
  • Imaging studies such as ultrasound and thermography are used to evaluate conditions or assess individual risks for chronic disease,
  • Testing may involve blood, saliva, urine and stool samples.

Q: I have been to multiple doctors with the same issues and nothing has changed. Can you help me? 

  • We use a revolutionary whole body approach to identifying and treating your health conditions. Many people have had the experience of being examined by a doctor, and having had blood work and may tests only to be told that everything is normal.
  • Most doctors were trained to look at specific symptoms for the answers to chronic illness. They use similar routine tests repeatedly and unfortunately many causes of illness may be subclinical and cannot be found with these traditional tests. Standard tests do not look for hidden infections, environmental toxins, food allergies, mold exposures, metabolic imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. Intercellular testing reveals nutritional deficiencies and genetic testing can uncover predispositions that can be modified through diet, lifestyle, supplements and medications if needed.
  • At Radiantly Healthy, MD, we use cutting-edge diagnostics to prevent illness, obtain optimal health and help patients recover from many chronic and difficult to treat conditions. We place an emphasis on the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal issues and osteoporosis. We are highly skilled in evaluating, identifying, and treating common chronic conditions that have become an epidemic in this era, conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, mood and behavioral disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, memory problems, and countless other complex conditions.
  • Q: What is Functional Medicine? 
  • Functional Medicine is the early detection, prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Assessments consist of extensive testing not routinely done in the conventional model of medicine at a traditional doctor’s office. Nutritional evaluation and stress management are key components in functional medicine. We create a program that is unique and specific for the symptoms and conditions you have. This program requires that you, your doctor, and other practitioners work together toward achieving your optimal wellness. As a result of your individualized program, you can experience an increase in energy, decreased body fat, improved lean body mass and overall improvement in the quality of your life.