Considering becoming a Radiantly Healthy patient?  

Here are some things you need to know!

Thank you for your interest in Radiantly Healthy MD. Below are some commonly asked questions about becoming a patient of our practice and starting on your journey to become radiantly healthy.

What makes Radiantly Healthy MD and its providers different from traditional medical practices? 

Our medical director, Rebecca Hunton, MD and her staff take a unique, integrative approach to wellness and patient care.    Dr. Hunton is a recognized thought leader, expert and worldwide lecturer in Integrative/Functional Medicine.  Using this approach, our patients notice improved energy levels, immune system function, and increased athletic performance and endurance.  In addition to practicing traditional medicine, at Radiantly Healthy MD we combine alternative therapies with common, practiced traditional therapies.

What types of patients are treated at Radiantly Healthy MD?

Radiantly Healthy MD assists patients with many issues not well addressed by traditional medicine such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel and more. We also provide proactive, preventative care addressing aging concerns, cognition, hormones and more.

What is Dr. Hunton’s background and training?

Our Medical Director and founder of Radiantly Healthy MD, Rebecca Hunton, MD earned her B.S. degree at the University of Florida and completed her medical training at the Ohio State University. She is board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Obesity medicine and more.  Dr. Hunton also instructs other physicians and medical professionals through her faculty appointment at George Washington University and affiliation with the University of Miami Continuing Medical Education program.

What is the best way to start the process of becoming a new patient? 

The first step to becoming a new patient is filling out our new patient packet.  You can download your packet from the website,   Once we receive your packet back by either email, fax, regular mail or drop off, the next step is scheduling your initial 1 hour new patient intake appointment and making the appointment deposit.  This deposit is not refundable but if you change your mind about becoming a new patient you can use it in our nutraceutical pharmacy, for our community classes, or even for B12 shots or Nutritional IV therapy.

How soon can I get in for my initial New Patient appointment?

It only takes 1-2 weeks! Currently, all new patients enter the practice through either Lisa Johnson, P.A. or Stephanie Alcindor, ARNP. Dr. Hunton has very limited new patient appointments which are reserved for very complex and complicated patients.  As the medical director, she is committed to ensuring that all patients get the same quality of care regardless of who they are seeing.  She reviews nearly all new patient packets, incoming labs and diagnostic tests.   Unlike many traditional practices, we have time set aside for our clinical team to meet and consult with Dr. Hunton.  Our practice is about serving you in the best possible way, so although you start with Lisa or Stephanie, your subsequent visits may be with Dr. Hunton depending upon the complexity of your situation.


What happens at my first appointment?

In your initial new patient appointment, your provider will gather information about your health history, recent symptoms and concerns, to better understand your current state of overall health. We observe how you move, speak and appear to help assess your overall vitality and wellness. And most importantly we discuss your “3 wishes”, which for us are your main short term/long term goals for your health …and ultimately what you hope to achieve by partnering with us on your health journey. From that visit, you will be given a lab order and diagnostic tests to complete. When your results come back (within 2-4 weeks) you will be scheduled for your follow up appointment.  At that time, we will review your lab results, discuss the health implications of the findings, and give you a treatment plan for you to follow over the months to come.  These two visits are bundled into one fee which is due at the first appointment. This fee typically ranges from $525-600.   Your treatment plan may include prescription medications, herbal and/or nutraceutical supplements, and nutritional/lifestyle changes. The main component of BOTH of these visits is patient education.  Your provider will not only review your lab results and discuss the plan to improve your scores and overall health, but also the WHY and HOW behind the symptoms you are feeling and improvement you should expect by following your plan.


Are visits covered by my health insurance? 

We are out of network with every insurance plan, mainly because the length and complexity of our visits is not recognized by health insurance companies.  Many patients are able to file for reimbursement with their insurance company when they have out of network benefits.  We are happy to provide you with the proper documentation so that you may submit a claim to your insurance company.


How can I learn more about Radiantly Healthy MD? 

Prior to your visit, we encourage you to learn more about Dr. Hunton and Radiantly Healthy MD on our website: We also suggest that you follow us on facebook for informative health information and tips, special offers and upcoming events.