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The Healthy Aging Male- what exactly is this?

Turn on the TV and our culture would have you believe that we have the magical pharma solution-testosterone- and all is well! We love to believe in the magic wand, unfortunately, it isn’t true.

Would it shock you to know that there is research and data that discredit the notion that men’s hormones are supposed to drop as they age? Most men ARE seeing a drop in their hormones, but it isn’t normal or healthy. We will discuss causes, effects and solutions for hormonal balance in men.

Aging is more than just hormones though.

There are several laboratory and clinical measurements that can predict how well you are aging! For example, Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) AGE us! In the body, when we are sweeter than we should be, we AGE our red blood cells. In the lab, we can measure this as HgbA1c. We also can consume AGE-ing products in our diet. We will focus on this and other laboratory biomarkers that predict your aging trajectory. Finally, we will discuss strategies to optimize the aging process and stay radiantly healthy!

This 2 part Men and Hormones Class is $200.00.

The class offers an opportunity to draw relevant labs that enable you to create your plan for Healthy Aging.

The lab fees are $100 payable to the lab at the time of testing.

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