MTHFR Genetic Solutions Class at RHMD!

Find out if you have the MTHFR mutation


Receive a customized treatment plan.

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Who is this class for?
Anyone who has not been tested OR who has been tested, but needs more information and/or a treatment plan.

What happens during the class?
You will find out if you have the MTHFR mutation and have a personalized treatment solution created just for you.

Specifically, we will:

  • Look at your genetic health profile via DNA tests
  • Help you understand your genetic profile
  • Show you what nutrients your body needs, based on your individual profile
  • Create a solution to help you take control and live radiantly healthy

When and where does the class meet?


Location: RHMD Office

The Deratany Building
150 Fifth Avenue Suite C
Indialantic, Florida 32903

During session one we will discuss genetic mutations in depth, and we may be able to offer blood draws during the class so the lab can begin the testing right away.

If we are not able to offer blood draws during the first session, you will be given a lab order to have the blood work done before session two.

During session two we will go over your lab results and discuss treatment and action plans based on the testing.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with Dr Hunton and her staff and leave feeling confident that you are making the best decision for your present and future health!

What does the class cost?

The cost for the class is a one-time fee of $250, and if you need to have lab work, there is a separate lab charge of $65. There are no hidden fees or charges.

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