RHMD Weight Loss

Discover the Difference of a Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program

A Comprehensive, Personalized Weight Loss Program

RHMD Weight Loss

We believe that healthy weight loss begins with a lifestyle transformation and making subtle changes over time that lead to long term success.

Dr. Rebecca Hunton and her team have developed an easy to follow lifestyle transformation program that will provide you with the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices each and every day.

RHMD Weight Management Programs Include:

  • A Complete Physical with RHMD’s Nurse Practitioner
  • Body Composition Testing
  • One on One Weekly Coaching and Support
  • Menu Suggestions, Shopping Guides and Meal Planning
  • Multi-Vitamin B-12
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • HCG Injections (with Physician approval)
  • All Programs are Physician Supervised

Renew your Health

We don’t look at weight loss as a means to simply “lose weight”. RHMD Weight Loss Programs support lifestyle transformations that lead to long-term success and help combat and lower the risk of disease and illness.

The medical Benefits of an RHMD Weight Loss Program may include:

> Decreased risk of heart disease and stroke

> Reduced joint and tendon problems (Arthritis)

> Lowering risk of diabetes

> Decreased cancer risk

The Key to Success

The professionals at Radiantly Healthy, MD incorporate the pillars of good health and provide the tools needed to ensure your success.

The fundamentals of an RHMD Weight Loss Program include:

1. Education:  Providing one-on-one support and information to help understand the importance of making a change.

2. Healthy Eating: A well-balanced eating plan to help increase insulin sensitivity, maintain blood sugar control, and increase your overall energy, health, and well-being.

3. Physical Activity: Incorporating daily movement to achieve full function.

4. Monitoring: Regular blood work to determine your individual biological needs.

5. Supplementation: Individualized recommendations to meet your nutritional needs.

6. Proper Sleep: Essential in restoring health and vitality

7. Quality: A physician-supervised weight loss program

8. Stress Management: Relaxation techniques

9. Metabolic Detoxification: Promote overall health by eliminating unwanted and potentially   hazardous toxins.


Weight Loss Resistant?  

Have you tried everything and can’t lose weight? Sometimes underlying health factors and conditions such as thyroid fatigue, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, stress and irregular sleep/insomnia can actually prevent you from losing weight. We specialize in Weight Loss Resistance and will help you achieve your goals.

Tired of diet plans that don’t work? Our providers will develop a personalized weight loss management program to meet your needs and help you lose weight. Discover the difference with an RHMD Weight Loss Program.

Call 321-254-6803 for a Free Weight Loss Consultation. All RHMD Weight Loss programs are offered at both office locations.


Weight Loss Testimonials


“The Radiantly Healthy Weight Loss Program directed by nutrition specialist Kiara Oberhaensil is superb.

The tools and other medical suggestions Kiara has devised includes a food diary/exercise log along with a lengthy gluten free glycemic menu plan. Under
Kiara’s supervision and positive influence you can reach your weight loss goal.

I lost 30 plus pounds over several months and haven’t felt this good in years.

Thank you for caring and for your helpful direction Kiara. “

“I am so thankful a friend recommended Radiantly Healthy.  I have met with Kiara weekly for the past five months, allowing her to guide me in the transition to a healthy lifestyle change.  She has been a wealth of knowledge and encouragement, directing me with new recipes, as well as teaching me how to make some of my old recipes healthier.  I have lost 64 pounds so far.  When my weight loss is complete, I am confident that I will have the tools to stay the course on my own. “