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Rebecca Hunton, M.D. is the founder of RHMD LLC, in Melbourne, Florida. As an integrative specialist, she combines holistic and traditional therapies to ensure optimal wellness. Her passion is to empower her patients to achieve optimal health through a thorough evaluation of genetic-environment-lifestyle interactions.

RHMD Medical Director Rebecca Hunton M.D.

We believe in providing a proactive, integrative approach to medicine, combining conventional medical techniques with natural, yet proven alternatives to achieve wellness. RHMD also specializes in a unique treatment program called First Line Therapy, the only studied and clinically validated therapeutic lifestyle modification program that provides a whole body approach to wellness, reducing the need for unnecessary medications. We look forward to treating your needs.  
RHMD Weight Loss
The program includes one-on-one support with a RHMD Counselor who is trained to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes which lead to Weight Loss & Optimal Health.
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